Homelands and remote communities

Municipal and essential services implementation plan, remote programs office and stronger futures investment.

Local government funding

Grants for local governments and councils, natural disaster relief and recovery and resources for councils.

Local government policy and legislation

Local government committees, local government legislation and reviews, gazette notices, Remote Engagement and Coordination Strategy.

Office of Aboriginal Affairs

Aboriginal affairs strategy, remote contracting policy, First Circles Engagement and community champions program.

Office of Men's Policy

Indigenous males advisory council, reducing domestic and family violence and resources for men.

Office of Women's Policy

Policy framework for Northern Territory women, grants, International Women’s Day, violence against women, resources for women.


Annual reports, homelands policy, Indigenous essential services guidelines and language services policy.

Funding available to improve local communities

NEWS / 22 Sep 2016

Funding available to improve local communities

$1.5 million in funding is now available for councils to improve community infrastructure and service delivery.

Gawa Barge Landing

NEWS / 5 Aug 2016

Gawa Barge Landing

The Homelands, Outstations and Town Camps Unit has contributed $77,523 towards a project costing $219,922.50 to benefit a Homeland in the East Arnhem region.

  Inaugural Women's Consultative Council

NEWS / 5 Aug 2016

Inaugural Women's Consultative Council

Twelve women from across the territory have been appointed to represent the inaugural Northern Territory Women’s Consultative Council (NTWCC).

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